Protect your roof with our roof ice melt systems!

When two down slopes of your roof meet in the middle, the area that is created is called a valley. All Weather Armour knows that valleys are one of the most vulnerable areas of your roof when it comes to ice and snow accumulation. If this is not taken care of properly, the buildup can cause leaking and irreversible damage to your home.

Do not let this happen to you; instead, try The IceArmour™ Valley Panels that are designed to eliminate this potential problem. With heavy extruded aluminum panels that are glued into place and durable aluminum Kynar 500 covers, you can rest easy knowing that your roof has the protection and ice dam prevention that it needs all winter long.

Do not think twice about the snowfall this year

Our roof heating cables are engineered to provide a maximum heat transfer to virtually eliminate all risk of a snow buildup or ice accumulation on your roof’s valleys. Our unique design allows for heat transfer to effectively melt the ice on your roof while reducing the energy consumption that it takes to do so. Save yourself the costly damages that winter can bring, and enhance the natural beauty of your home at the same time with our roof ice melt systems.

Safety, durability, and elegance that you can trust

The IceArmour™ Valley Panels are made with the most durable aluminum extrusions, so you never have to worry about how cold it may get or what inclement weather winter may bring this year. Our 500/Hylar 5000 paint finishes will not chip or fade, ensuring a high-quality and effective solution for your winter problems.

Protect your home and your family with the industry leading innovative IceArmour™ Valley Panels.