All Weather Armour makes ice dam prevention easy!

If you have a roof that has a 24-inch eave or greater, then you should consider what our IceArmour™ Eave Panel II could do for you. By attaching it with our ArmourLoc™ Fastener, All Weather Armour provides you with an ice dam prevention solution to make your winter safe.

It is a pain to have to go outside just to knock down ice dams and icicles; our goal is to provide you with a cost effect solution to guarantee that your roof will have less ice build-up. Icicles are not only dangerous when they fall, but as they begin to form ice dams if not cleared properly, you may put your home at risk for a costly repair if you do nothing.

Elegant design technique

When we created our innovative roof ice melt system, we kept in mind that our customers would want something they could keep up year-round. The IceArmour™ Eave Panel II not only protects your home from harmful ice dams, but it also adds an elegant flare to the curb appeal of your property.

The sleek design of our IceArmour™ Eave Panel II allows for an effective method to melt the ice dams that build during the winter months while enhancing the natural beauty of your home.

Safe and durable at the same time

You probably would do anything to protect the ones that you love and your home; that is why we are committed to providing you with a cost-effective, energy-saving, long-lasting solution for your winter needs. Combining aluminum extension, roof heating cables, and Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 paint finishes, you can trust that this panel is one that will last.

Save yourself costly expenses fixing what damages the winter brings, and make this winter the best one yet with the IceArmour™ Eave Panel II.