Ice dam prevention made easy!

If you have ever experienced what ice in your gutters can do to your property, it is no surprise that you need ice dam prevention fast. With our breakthrough technology, All Weather Armour offers you a four seasons gutter protection solution, so you have the peace of mind you need all year long.

Gutterglove IceBreaker™ makes it possible to protect your home from the extensive damage that ice dams can create when not properly taken care of. And when summer hits, they block your gutter from leaves and other debris, which become a hassle to clean out.


The Gutterglove IceBreaker™ should be installed at the same pitch as the roof up to a 5/12 pitch, on homes with a 6/12 or greater, you simply install it at a maximum 30 degree angle, as debris will naturally shed the downslope with ease. It is designed to simply slip under your roof’s shingles to fit snugly into the lip of your gutter.

How it works

Composed of a perforated aluminum channel, an AWA heat cable system, and a type 316 stainless steel mesh, the Gutterglove IceBreaker™ is simple to install and even easier to love. The AWA Self Regulating Heat Cable warms the gutter system, eliminating icicles and melting build up on and in your gutter.

The stainless steel micro-screen will keep all debris out, while the aluminum cover protects the heating cable from critters and the damaging effects of the winter season. Our Anodized aluminum frame makes the Gutterglove IceBreaker™ compatible for all gutter types.

Winter benefits

  • Melts dangerous icicles and ice dams.
  • Eliminates damage to homes due to ice buildup and water invasion.
  • Heat radiates downward creating a warm micro-climate to melt ice inside gutter.
  • Creates a safer home environment by reducing slippery conditions on walkways and steps.

Summer benefits

  • Fine stainless steel mesh filters out leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit from your gutter.
  • Eliminates gutter clogs that can cause water invasion into the home.
  • Stop potential soil erosion around foundation of the home.
  • Reduces or eliminates rot, mold and decay as a result of water infiltration.
  • Installs on existing gutters.

**All Gutterglove IceBreaker™ systems come with a 25-year warranty, including a 10-year warranty on our gutter heater cable.