When the first snow falls, your home may not seem impacted; if the snow melts quickly, you may have no problems to worry about, but when the snow on your roof begins to melt and then refreeze again, you may be putting your property at risk for a costly repair.

Icicles are not the only problem

Snow on your roof can melt from the sun and the heat generated from your home. Melted snow and slush, when frozen, forms icicles on the edge of your roof and gutters. Icicles can be a real safety hazard, but they are just part of the larger problem at hand when they create ice dams; they start as small and become a problem when they begin to grow.

Melted snow freezing is a vicious cycle that may last all winter.

Repairs will only last you until the next big storm, delaying the ultimate cost of construction that you will have to face. If you do not use the right ice dam preventions, you may find yourself paying an enormous amount to fix your roof and home.

An ice dam solution awaits

Say goodbye to the icicles and ice dams that build up on your roof, and say hello to an ice dam solution that will keep your home ice-free all winter long. With our Gutterglove IceBreaker™ and patent pending IceArmour™ Heat Panels, you can protect your home from icicles and ice dams forming in the first place. As the snow melts on your roof, so do the icicles, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Preventing ice dams and protecting your home is  easy with our ice dam prevention products!